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1. David Harness – The Rhythm
2. Soulpreachers – Tudo Vale
3. Mark Stone – Househeads
4. Bobby D’Ambrosio – Girl You Need a Change of Mind (Louis Benedetti Mix)
5. Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham – Kissing Strangers (Frankie Feliciano Vocal)
6. Melchyor A – Take One
7. Nef Nunez – Firefly
8. Special Interest – I Like It
9. Space Invaders – Calypso Madness
10. 95 North – My Life

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1. S-Tone Inc. – Bossafrica (Jazz Revenge Rework)
2. Motivacao feat. Amalia – Nao Esquece (BSC Paradise Instrumental Mix)
3. Blackspade & J Rita – Listen (Vick Lavender Dub Remix)
4. Maurice Joshua feat. R.Kelly – Africa (Spiritual Instrumental Mix)
5. DJ Ciappy feat. Savio Vurchio pres. The Soul Live Elements – I Do Love (The Soul Live Elements Mix)
6. Fabio Tosti & Logicalgroove feat. Savio Vurchio – Take Me Down (Fabio Tosti & Pablo DJ Pako Sax Mix)
7. Glenn Underground – Urban Ensemble
8. Peckham Royalty – Minor Villain (Original Mix)
9. Phil Hootin – When You Think Your All Alone (All That Jazz Mix)
10. The Ipanemas – Doriva

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1. Moba Sound – My Cats (Island Groove Remix)
2. Kevin Yost – One Starry Night
3. Povo – Shihab’s habit
4. Blvd East – Mojito
5. Giano – WSJD
6. Shazz – El Camino Part 3 (Unreleased Version)
7. Ralf GUM feat. Diamondancer – All This Love For You (Ralf GUM Instrumental)
8. Una – The Weekender (DJ Pope’s Instrumental)
9. Kimara Lovelace – Merry Go Round (Original Mix)
10. S-Tone Inc. – Naked Ground (Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi Remix)
11. Neo – A Night in Marseille

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1. Llorca feat. Nicole Graham – Indigo Blues (Freeform Remix)
2. Truby Trio feat. Marcia Montez – Alegre (Louie Vega’s Elements of Life)
3. The Invisible Session – Heroes of the Conquest (Faze Action Remix)
4. Directions – Have You Felt This Way Before (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix)
5. Deep Y’All aka DJ Rico – Sun for Life (Soulful Deep Main Mix)
6. Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla – Free Your Mind (Original Mix)
7. Steal Vybe – ESP (I Can See You) (Mole Chamber Instrumental Journey)
8. Ananda Project – Bahia (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix)
9. Moses McLean feat. Roger Black – Let’s Be Free (Kenny Carvajal Instrumental)
10. Brother’s Vibe – Foundations 3 (Brass Trax)

Download Urban Haven #32

1. Little Louie Vega – Cerca de mi (Original Mix)
2. Justin Imperiale Feat. Jerome From Paris – Piano Daze (Dom Navarra Latin Magic Mix)
3. Malena Perez & Alix Alvarez – Confesion (Alix Alvarez Extented 12 Version)
4. Kiko Navarro Feat. Concha Buika – Sonando Contigo (Original Mix)
5. Brazilian Soul – Brazilian Soul Crew (Haldo Remix)
6. S.U.M.O. – Santiago Boys (Main Bounce Remix)
7. RYB Feat. Angelita Jiminez – Brazilian Breeze (Stereo Mutants Funk Dub)
8. The Rhythm Slaves – Talk About It
9. Julius Papp – Bole Bantu (Vocal 2007 Remix)

Download Urban Haven #31

1. Su Paka Pooh – Aya
2. Mario Biondi – This Is What You Are (Dim’s Housing The Jazz remix by Dimitri From Paris)
3. Doobie J feat. Yvonne Yanney – Mellow Heart (Dom Navarra Latin Magic Instrumental)
4. John Beltran – Felicidad Nova (Jimpster’s House Remix)
5. Kiko Navarro – Xel-Ha
6. Kenny Carvajal feat. John Pierce – My Words (Glide Instrumental)
7. Innerface – Free Yourself (Original Mix)
8. Villanova feat. Gary Bardouille – About Me (Luca Ricci & Paulo Rocha remix)
9. JT Donaldson – Trust Me (Dub Rework)
10. Spikiri feat. Hugh Masekela – Spiyanko (Instrumental)

Download Urban Haven #30

1. Hajime Yoshizawa – Endless Bow (Jimpster Remix)
2. Danism & Kenny Bobien – Feeling You (Groove Assassin Remix)
3. Joi Cardwell & Steal Vybe – Wanderlust (Dub)
4. Ceramic feat. Aisling Stephenson – Broken Dreams (Souled Remix Dub)
5. Ricardo Miranda – Soul Late EP (G. Marcell Soul Chill Mix)
6. Vega – Ponce
7. Nu Tropic – Eastern Soul (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix)
8. Shawn Ward – Coconut lounge
9. BSTC – Jazz In Outer Space
10. Minimoogli – 99.9 (Sax AfroJam)

Download Urban Haven #29

1. Justin Imperiale – Deeper Than
2. DJ Mochizuki feat. Pete Z – Star…LIBRE (Original)
3. Steal Vybe – Algorhythm (Here Comes The Sun)
4. Zeep – Zeep Dreams
5. Allen Hoist – Inner City Blues (4 Hero main version)
6. Joyful Noise – Song For S. (Rufuss Mix)
7. Glenn Underground – Crescendo
8. Soul T – Stars
9. Mustafa Akbar – Sign Of The Times (Instrumental)

Download Urban Haven #28

1. Candy Apple – Bsq (Original Mix)
2. Beppe Gioia feat. Tommaso da Prato – Journey (Original)
3. Rhody & Kaydee – Release The Beauty (Spiritual Blessings Remix)
4. Demarkus Lewis feat. Marissa Guzman – Get Yourself Together (Harly & Muscle Deep Mix)
5. Restless Soul feat. Zaniska – And I Know It (Vocal Mix)
6. Black Joy – Untitled EP (Kerri Chandler’s Bigga Mix)
7. Samantha James – Breathe You In (KJ’s Soulful Mix)
8. Andre Harris – The Sunset (Vox)
9. Kenny Bobien & Stephanie Cooke – Hold On To Me (Louis Benedetti Dub)
10. Yass feat. L.T. Brown – I’m Free (Innersoul Badyard Dub)
11. Jimpster – Dangly Panther (Original Mix)

Download Urban Haven #27

1. Francois K. feat. Barbara Mendes – Awakening (Long Version)
2. Vision Questa – Hold My Heart (Six6 Instrumental Mix)
3. Marcelo Cruz – Wahrani Soul
4. Justin Imperiale – Piano Daze
5. Ricardo Miranda feat. Latin Soul Brotha – Termino Mi Amor (Glenn Undergound Dub
6. Franck Roger – Ekobah (Main Mix)
7. Boris Dlugosch feat.Roisin Murphy – Never Enough (Fusion Groove Orchestra Vocal Mix)
8. Alex Dimitri South Soul feat. Dieghito – My Jazz (Original Mix)
9. Mettle Music – Latin Horns

Download Urban Haven #26

1. Marcelo Cruz – Sol Del Sur
2. Joey Silvero – Midnight Forever
3. Shazz feat. Ken Norris – El Camino Part 1 (Kevin Yost Remix)
4. Glen Lewis feat. Mjojo and Bongani – Life Everlasting (Dennis Ferrer Passion of C Vocal Mix)
5. DJ Roland Clark – Feel Da Rhythm (88 Keys Dub)
6. Groove Junkies feat. Wendy Brune – Work It Out (M-Sol’s Afromental)
7. Cosmo-Star – Sunset Luvin’ (Terron Darby Instrumental)
8. Dom Navarra feat. Antonio – New Life (Original Instrumental)
9. Benji Candelario & Vincent Kwok feat. Leedia – Quiero Saber (BC’s & VK’s Classic Mix Instrumental)
10. Loop Session – Shadows On The Sun(When You’re Not Here) (Original)

Download Urban Haven #25

1. Favela 5 – La Brisa Da Vida (No Brass Mix)
2. Fuzion feat. Nicole Wright – Beautiful (Soul Creation Instrumental Remix)
3. Lenny Fontana – Touch The Groove (Galaxy People Edit)
4. Luis Radio & Raffa – The Mood (Original mood)
5. Groove Collective – Everything is Changing (SWAG Dub)
6. DJ Kawasaki feat. Karin – Blazin (Instrumental)
7. Souldeep Collective – Fire In My Soul (Johnny Fiasco’s Flame On! Remix)
8. H&H Soul Survivors feat. Cazza – Send Me I Go (Main Mix)
9. Groove Assassin ft. Pete Simpson – Like what u do (Girl) (Dom Navarra Latin Magic Remix)
10. Dolls Combers – Sensibility Concept

Download Urban Haven #24

eDeep – Afrika (BitterSuite Remix)
Soul Basics – Cisco Bay (SB Deep Mix)
SteveSoulBasics – Kuchwa (Seed In The City Mix)
Jarrier Modrow – Rare Soul (Julian Bendall’s Afternoon Soul Edit Mix)
Tarek – Desabafo (Shawn Ward Mix)
Demarkus Lewis feat. Lady Sah – Untitled Love Affair (Mr V Instrumental)
Brazilian Soul Crew – Brazilian Soul (Can7 & Henri Kohn Remix)
Alex Dimitri feat. Bos – Look out (Alex South Soul Main mix)
Dom Navarra feat. Monique Henry – So Lonely (Movement Soul Instrumental Mix)
Nicolas Vautier – Sala (Dom Navarra Latin Magic Instrumental Mix)

Download Urban Haven #22

Mateo & Matos – Mas Alto
Teddy Douglas & Louis Radio – The Violin (Basement Boys Club Mix)
Stengun – Children Of The Sun (Julm Disco Workout)
Studio Apartment feat. Monique Bingham – Flight (Nulife Vocal Mix)
Roy Ayers – Come To Me (Franck Roger Instrumental)
Light 4 Lines pres. Ynez – Azul (Del Alma Mix)
Haldo – My Brazil (Original Mix)
The Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble & Ilayali – No One Like You (Instrumental Mix)
Nadirah Shakoor – Just a Breath Away (Franck Roger’s Mix)
Monodeluxe – Get Around With It (Show This)

Download Urban Haven #21

Rufuss – The Quest (The Quest Original Mix)
Jihad Muhammad – It’s Holiday Time
DJ Fritz aka Soul Child feat. Keith Nunnally – Life Is A Melody (Instrumental Mix)
Ralf Gum feat. Monique Bingham – Kissing Strangers (Feliciano Instrumental Mix)
George Mena & Franke Estevez – Runnin Deep
Groove Collective – I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (Eric Kupper Mix)
Logicalgroove feat. Savio Vurchio – You Are The One (Pablo DJ Soulful Main Mix)
Haldo & Mascaro – I Do (Haldo’s Lovely Mix)
Joi – No One Like You (Instrumental Mix)
Chieko Kinbara – A Distant Shore

Download Urban Haven #20

Frankie Feliciano – The Real Thing (Ricanstruction Edit)
Joeflame – The Latin Master
Kenny Carvajal feat. Marissa Guzman – But I Do (Thinker’s Aid to the SouLLess Monkeynuts Mix)
RYB feat. Angelita Jiminez – Brazilian Breeze (Dub Mix)
S.U.M.O. – Santiago Boys (Main Bounce Remix)
Dirty Harry – Rey de Majorca
Darryl D’ Bonneau – Miracles (Ain’t Nuthin’ But A House Party Mix)
Rhody & Kaydee – Release The Beauty (Original Vocal Mix)
Haldo – Credo (Haldo’s Dirty Sax Mix)
Steal Vybe – Trizonna

Download Urban Haven #19

Nadirah Shakoor – Love Song (Original Mix)
Sterling Ensemble feat. Delouie Avant – Follow Me (Original Mix)
Kiko Navarro – Ache Pa Ti (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Abicah Soul – Baila Mi Gente (Main Mix)
Jihad Muhammad – Be Without You (Instrumental)
Stacey Mallory – Sax Meets House (Main Mix)
White Lotus Society – Hot Outside (Mucho Calor mix)
The Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble & Ilayali – Gotta Be Love (Jazztrumental)
Rufuss – The Celebration
Domu pres. Pete Simpson – Won’t Give Up (The Realm Instrumental)
Groove Assassin feat. Pete Simpson – Like What U Do (Girl) (Dom Navarra Latin Magic Remix)
Gregory Del Piero feat. Kenny Bobien – Don’t You Ever Get (Kings of Deep Soulful Mix)

Download Urban Haven #18

Euphonic 7 feat. Kevin Yost – Getting Away From It All (Original Mix)
DJ Floy – In Our World (Original Mix)
Eric Kupper – Silent Night
Maxine Inniss – Standing Strong (Original Instrumental Mix)
Sean Dimitrie – Hopscotch (Johnny Fiasco Mix)
Krispaglia – Espirit
Anto Vitale feat. Heidi Vogel Levo – Taxi Nights (M-Sol Vocal Remix)
Bossa Futura – Sol Y Luna (Nu Tropic Mix)
Steal Vybe – The Morning Comes Project (Gloria Dub)
Chieko Kinbara – La Ma

Download Urban Haven #17

Melchyor A – Harmonies To Heaven (Original Mix)
Mellow feat. Virag / Reflex – Mellow (Original Mix)
S.U.M.O. – Mango Madness
Chieko Kinbara – Summer Love
Frank Roger & Olivier Portal feat. Chris Wonder – Me Myself & I (Vox)
Leroy Burgess – Let Me Know You’re Feel’n Me (Glenn Underground Instrumental)
Vertente & Rainy City – Tanto Tempo (Rainy City Mix)
Dragonfly – All The Way (Original Instrumental)
Radhika – Lady Luck (The Jinks Instrumental Mix)
Louie Vega & Elements Of Life feat. Anane – One Dream (Louie Vega Instrumental Remix)

Download Urban Haven #16

Franck Roger feat. Josh – Flut ‘ Mood
Marcos Valle & Roc Hunter – Bar Ingles (Roc Hunter Remix)
Aaron Ross pres. Rain People feat. Marcus Begg – Trippin On Love (Aaron’s Instrumental)
DJ Deep & Franck Roger feat. Panyard – Spring Sampler (Solltude)
FM Groove feat. Danielle – I Know You Love Me (Instrumental)
Kevin Yost – Ever After You
Mark Grant feat. Swaylo – Shame (Instrumental)
Abicah Soul feat. Da Nutz – Melodic Tree (Imperial Midnight Mix)
Sun Orchestra – Driftin
Dr Bob Jones pres. The Interns – Soul Food (Surgery Main Mix)

Download Urban Haven #15