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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Nadirah Shakoor – Love Song (Original Mix)
Sterling Ensemble feat. Delouie Avant – Follow Me (Original Mix)
Kiko Navarro – Ache Pa Ti (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Abicah Soul – Baila Mi Gente (Main Mix)
Jihad Muhammad – Be Without You (Instrumental)
Stacey Mallory – Sax Meets House (Main Mix)
White Lotus Society – Hot Outside (Mucho Calor mix)
The Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble & Ilayali – Gotta Be Love (Jazztrumental)
Rufuss – The Celebration
Domu pres. Pete Simpson – Won’t Give Up (The Realm Instrumental)
Groove Assassin feat. Pete Simpson – Like What U Do (Girl) (Dom Navarra Latin Magic Remix)
Gregory Del Piero feat. Kenny Bobien – Don’t You Ever Get (Kings of Deep Soulful Mix)

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Euphonic 7 feat. Kevin Yost – Getting Away From It All (Original Mix)
DJ Floy – In Our World (Original Mix)
Eric Kupper – Silent Night
Maxine Inniss – Standing Strong (Original Instrumental Mix)
Sean Dimitrie – Hopscotch (Johnny Fiasco Mix)
Krispaglia – Espirit
Anto Vitale feat. Heidi Vogel Levo – Taxi Nights (M-Sol Vocal Remix)
Bossa Futura – Sol Y Luna (Nu Tropic Mix)
Steal Vybe – The Morning Comes Project (Gloria Dub)
Chieko Kinbara – La Ma

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Melchyor A – Harmonies To Heaven (Original Mix)
Mellow feat. Virag / Reflex – Mellow (Original Mix)
S.U.M.O. – Mango Madness
Chieko Kinbara – Summer Love
Frank Roger & Olivier Portal feat. Chris Wonder – Me Myself & I (Vox)
Leroy Burgess – Let Me Know You’re Feel’n Me (Glenn Underground Instrumental)
Vertente & Rainy City – Tanto Tempo (Rainy City Mix)
Dragonfly – All The Way (Original Instrumental)
Radhika – Lady Luck (The Jinks Instrumental Mix)
Louie Vega & Elements Of Life feat. Anane – One Dream (Louie Vega Instrumental Remix)

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Franck Roger feat. Josh – Flut ‘ Mood
Marcos Valle & Roc Hunter – Bar Ingles (Roc Hunter Remix)
Aaron Ross pres. Rain People feat. Marcus Begg – Trippin On Love (Aaron’s Instrumental)
DJ Deep & Franck Roger feat. Panyard – Spring Sampler (Solltude)
FM Groove feat. Danielle – I Know You Love Me (Instrumental)
Kevin Yost – Ever After You
Mark Grant feat. Swaylo – Shame (Instrumental)
Abicah Soul feat. Da Nutz – Melodic Tree (Imperial Midnight Mix)
Sun Orchestra – Driftin
Dr Bob Jones pres. The Interns – Soul Food (Surgery Main Mix)

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Antenna – Motherload
Franck Roger feat. Mani Hoffman – Right Make It Right (Olinga)
Marcelo Cruz / Joe Rizla – Obatala (Original Mix)
Dr Bob Jones & The Interns feat. Snowboy – It’s About Time (Stripped Surgery Mix)
Kenny Carvajal feat. Swaylo – You Remind Me (Glide Guitar Dub)
Levan feat. Tori – Deeper
Johnick meets FTL – A Breathe of Fresh Air (West Moov Mix)
JB-730 pres. A Nu Beginning – Hot Ass Fire
Souldynamic – The Past as the Future
Mettle Music Collective – Slip & Slide (Original Mix)

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